13. It’s a number.

But it’s also a superstition, as in, unlucky number 13. And it’s also an age; an important crossroad of life.

For thousands of years parents in countless cultures have prepared their children for this most significant birthday of their lives. From Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to ancient traditional Brazilian “Bullet Ant” initiations, people have acknowledged that the age of 13 is a threshold of change.

And modern research agrees. Recent studies have shown that what you believe, your worldview, and who you are, your identity, for the most part, is set by the age of 13.

But, before 13, it is like the cement is still wet, the painting is still incomplete, the story is still unwritten. Identity and views, they still move around before that age. But, once you hit 13, they are locked in.

That makes the critical period before 13 one of the most important times in your child’s life. And the stakes are high.

If you have a child that is between the ages of 8-12, this is the moment. You cannot just let this phase of life happen. It is too important.

This is why B413 exists.

We want to help.

B413 exists to equip young families with the things they need to bring their children safely to the age of 13. Through live events, parenting resources, and a gathering place for like-minded parents, B413 wants to lead the fight in reclaiming the age of 13 as a rite of passage into the body of Christ.


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